Bran Newton Games

Two Player Strategy


Status: Playtesting, Proofreading, Final Design

This project consists of a pair of two-player abstract strategy games played with three colors, and a game set-up mechanic that insures each player only knows their own assigned color. Each player will score points according to their assigned color, while the remaining color is neutral. Since both players may place pieces of any of the three colors, the color assignments remain hidden, at least for awhile, adding opportunity for bluffing and increased strategic complexity. These games, TRITH and TRIDE, have entirely different boards and very different rules, but will use a common set of components. Two very challenging games in one box!



Space Robots


Status: Early Development -> Concept Art

This project started with a game built around a programming mechanic to simulate the time delay between a team of robotic mission control specialists on Earth, and remote exploration ‘Bots on distant planets. In the FARBOTS series, this mechanic offers a risk vs. reward element as players must decide whether to forge ahead with multiple transmitted actions before receiving word back on the results of earlier moves. If you like exploration and puzzle solving, FARBOTS may appeal to you.