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We currently have two game development projects in progress.

The first project is a pair of two-player abstract strategy games played with three colors, and a game set-up mechanic that insures each player only knows their own assigned color. The color assignments remain hidden, at least for awhile, adding opportunity for bluffing and increased strategic complexity. These games, TRITH and TRIDE, will be challenging!

The second project begins with a game built around a programming mechanic to simulate the time delay between a team of robotic mission control specialists on Earth, and remote exploration ‘Bots on distant planets. In the FARBOTS series, this mechanic offers a risk vs. reward element as players must decide whether to forge ahead with multiple transmitted actions before receiving word back on the results of earlier moves. Adventure, Exploration, and Puzzle Solving all factor into the FARBOTS design.

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Game Design

Game design is a wonderful opportunity to explore social aspects of gaming, use logic and math to analyze game systems, and express imaginative themes with graphic and story elements. Our goal is to play in all of these spaces, produce quality carefully designed games, and measure our success by the enjoyment our work brings to the gaming community. Check back here for articles on game design, and notes on our experiences as we pursue these goals.

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How to purchase our games…

We are still in the development stages. Our products are not yet available for purchase. We would be happy to keep you informed via occasional emails as our products become available.

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